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Custom-made flower pots

Pots that will enliven your space.

Production of high quality fiberglass made-to-measure pots. We make everything to fulfil your special needs and ideas of your landscape gardener
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We ensure the entire implementation process from production to installation..

We have sufficient know-how and many years of experience that allow us to perfectly process your ideas and requirements. We are fully equipped and ready to ensure the entire implementation process, starting fro the initial consultation and creation of the proposal to achieve the perfect result

Size, color, shape or surface? Nothing is an obstacle for us.

We are able to satisfy any of your ideas and even go a little further. Don´t be afraid to let your imagination run wild and we will turn your dreams into reality. Any shape, size, color or surface of containers for your flowers is not an obstacle for us.
Our products are made of fiberglass, which is a composite of glass fabric and polyester resin. They are characterized by high strength, chemical and frost resistance, color fastness and, above all, a long lifespan without any complex maintenance.
Average pots produced per year

Why flower pots from us?

Fair and honest production

We are a manufacturer in Czechia. Our pots are handmade. High quality material allows us to process any shape and size. Thanks to the quality we can offer our clients an essentially maintenance-free lifespan for our products

Expert advice

Feeling lost? We will help and possibly propose a suitable solution. We will work out the project, but we will also help with planting and mediating the purchase of your plants.

Quality and durability

We are experts in the processing of fiberglass, kevlar and carbon fibers. Our pots are of high quality and have a long lifespan

Elaboration of the offer

Based on your detailed idea, we will prepare a price offer. This is purely custom production and therefore each of our products is actually an original.

Friendly attitude

We are in constant contact with our customers and attend to them 24/7. Our work is our hobby. We try to have a friendly approach with every customer

Optional accessories and add-ons

At your request, we will equip your container with a raised bottom, a watermark, and possibly, for larger pots also wheels. All our pots are equipped with insulation of the root system against cold and hot weather.


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A small family business with a passion for flower pots.

It started with one olive tree and an oleander. There was nowhere to plant them. We couldn´t find a enough large pot in the desired color anywhere. So my husband made one for me and 20 years have passed since then.
We love to spend time, from spring to autumn, outside in the garden and on the terrace. We adapt and equip our clients´ living spaces with high quality pots and containers for flowers. We also shade them with tarpaulins against the sun and rain. We do not resell nor dropship. We are a manufacturer on our own and everything we make is custom and authentic.
Iva Lehmann
The owner of the company